About Me & My Work.

David B. Abbott



David B. Abbott is a painter and photographer whose work addresses contemporary political & social issues earning him the nickname of "social realist". The themes in his work are as varied as the rise and fall of the religious right in the US, political volatility, gay and lesbian politics in the wake of the HIV crisis, painterly objects found in nature and unfolding events around the globe. Extensive world travel coupled with avid photo documentation and keen observance has given his acrylic work and digital photography its distinctive, realist immediacy. David documents interactions on film, found anywhere from the countryside to Main Street adopting them in acrylics and digital photography. Moving through daily exchanges and surroundings, his varied characters visually compose their experiences of strife, intimacy, duress, tension or basic companionship. Many of the paintings reveal a tongue in cheek sense of humor allowing their subjects to laugh at themselves, while the digital photography sometimes taken with his Lumix and at other times using his cell phone reveal images of surrounding nature whether it be in the country or from his "backyard" in NYC.

David was born and raised in the Boston area and educated at the Massachusetts College of Art. Moving to New York City in the late nineteen seventies, David's large color field work created at Mass Art caught the attention of galleries and interior designers.

After receiving his first Olympus camera in the early nineteen eighties, David switched his medium from painting to photography, experimenting with the human form for the first time. As the nineteen nineties began, David resumed painting as well as working full-time in non-profit. He has also traveled extensively soaking up the atmosphere, color and the people he met, incorporating them into his figurative acrylic works. More recently David is able to use the  readily available digital medium from his cell phone.

Abbott's career includes exhibitions in Boston, New York, Key West, Miami, Fire Island, Long Beach and San Francisco.