Boipatong 60" x 72" acrylic on canvas

Boipatong massacre

The Boipatong massacre took place on the night of 17 June 1992 in the township of Boipatong

South Africa.The attack on township residents was carried out by armed men from the steelworks

residence KwaMadala Hostel, which was located roughly 1 km from the township. Roughly 40 

people died and several were maimed.

The attackers were supporters of the Inkatha Freedom Party Congress (ANC).

the Congress for a Democratic  
South Africa (CODESA) talks. Shortly after the massacre, it was At the time,

 the South African government and several other political groups were negotiating in 

claimed that the South African police force in cooperation with the IFP had organized the raid, and

 the ANC consequently stepped out of the negotiations.  It was also suggested that 

the raid formed part of the activities of the South African Defence Force's Operation Marion

The ANC resumed negotiations shortly after the Bisho massacre of 7 September 1992.

The massacre was mentioned in the United Nations Security Council Resolution 765 of 

July 16, 1992.

A criminal trial held in 1993 which included testimony of 120 Boipatong residents convicted IFP 

supporters for crimes in the massacre, but ruled that the police had played no part in it. The Truth 

and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) 

concluded in 1998 that the police were in fact involved in the raid, but the TRC's Amnesty Committee

found in 2000 that the police were not involved after all.

(IFP), rival party of the African National 

A little background on Peggy 48" x 60" acrylic on canvas 1992. 

In 1974, a friend gave me a copy of the David Seymour photo of Peggy Guggenheim that was 
taken on her roof in Venice in 1950. Although I was not a figurative painter at the time,  
I always thought I would do something with the image. It took me almost 20 years to finally 
paint one of my favorite  iconic images. I finally visited Venice and Peggy's Museum in 1993,  
unfortunately the roof was not open. 
See two of David Seymour's images below from his shoot of Peggy. 
Me visiting Peggy Guggenheim's Museum in 1994
 Wedding Reception 60" x 72" acrylic on canvas

My late wond
erful friend Mason Wiley (co-author of Inside Oscar) had a framed xerox in his 
upper west side apartment of a photo that was taken at a family wedding.  I just adored the 
image, Mason and I used to joke and call it, Come For Tea, Wear A Hat. Mason made me a 
copy of it which I put away for later use. 
In 1992 it was time to do something with it and Wedding Reception was born. Happily while 
Mason was visiting me in Key West he was able to see the completed work.
Perhaps his relatives were inspired by Edith Evans as Lady Bracknell in 
The Importance of Being Earnest, she too had a thing for bird hats. See Below

The cover art for Mason's Inside Oscar book is below, it is still available from Amazon and 
a great read for Oscar buffs.
In 1992 I was living in Key West.  I had two friends, Andy and Larry who lived on Margaret
Street. Whenever the spirit would move them, they dressed up as their alter egos,
Joey and Priscilla.When they saw the kind of work I was producing at this time, particularly
All Girls Together, they commissioned me to photograph and paint them. Pity we have
fallen out of touch. If someone knows them from their house on Margaret Street in Key
West, tell them I would love to be in touch.